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Flyer information

These are the post offices we deliver flyers to (11 cents per flyer):

Post offices    
Lakeside Post Office 3,967 homes and businesses $ 436.37 plus HST 
Tantallon Post Office 6,813 homes and businesses $ 749.43 plus HST 
Hubbards Post Office 1,908 homes and businesses $ 209.88 plus HST 
Chester Post Office 1,639 homes and businesses $ 180.29 plus HST 
Bedford Post Office Routes: 41, 42, 43 (Lower half of Hammonds Plains Road to Kingswood Subdivision) 3,138 homes and businesses $ 345.18 plus HST 
Uplands Park Subdivision 100 homes and businesses $ 11.00 plus HST 

Total Circulation Figure: Approximately 18,000

Important Details

Flyers must be to the printer on the Monday prior to the distribution date
(see advertising rate sheet). The Masthead News is always distributed on a Wednesday.
We recommend Sure Courier, 902-857-1331 or 902-627-2630 as they are reasonable
in their rates and reliable. You might also want to consider having
our printer (Advocate Printing) print your flyers.
You can reach them toll free at: 1-800-236-9526 ext. 1440.
You must also pay in advance by credit card before the flyers can be distributed through
the paper. You can choose one or more postal routes but no route can be broken down
into parts so that only one part gets the flyers and the other part does not.
If you have any questions please give us a call at: 902-857-9099